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The Game Neil Strauss Review

Most guys enter into the “seduction community” through one book and one book in particular and that’s The Game by Neil Strauss. I thought I’d finally do a review on this quite old but entertaining book, which has most guys lose their virginity to the seduction community. I came across The Game a couple years ago when a co-worker brought it up that a buddy of his read it and the art of seduction pdf, and had sex with 10+ girls within a couple months using the tactics.

The first thing one will notice about this unique book is that it’s not bound like any regular hard copy book. Its covered with a fancy imitation leather, which really gives to book a nice look and feel, and it comes with a red cloth like ribbon as the bookmark, like a bible. Which is appropriate considering any guy wanting to get better with women; this is like the bible of pickup. Neil Strauss is arguably one of the best pick up artists of all time, the amount of work he put into because the best pick up artist, is not something you’d see an average man do. He breaks down everyone in the seduction community and this book really is a tell all.

Neil Strauss The Game DownloadIn The Game, Neil Strauss reveals everything that he’s learned from Mystery and the other entire pick up artists he encounters. As you progress through the book, you’ll notice that Neil Strauss goes from a below average guy and soon after meeting Mystery becomes a pick up artist. Neil tells you about everything that he is taught, all the tactics, theories and strategies to get lots of women are all shared in The Game pdf. For that reason, I would say this book is a MUST have guide for anyone looking to be a successful pickup artist.

The information presented in this book represents the modern pick up artist; Don Juan and Casanova are a thing of the past. Neil gives away every single PUA teaching there is in the community. He shares the Mystery Method, Speed Seduction, Juggler Method, David DeAngelos Double Your Dating, Hypnotica and David X’s direct and honest game. Every type of pick up that is taught from indirect to direct is laid out in The Game pdf. Making it an amazing reference for guys just entering into the game, that way they’ll know all the different teachings available to them and choose that one that they’re most comfortable with.

It’s entertaining to see Neil Strauss talk about his ups and downs in the field and everything that goes wrong when it should go right, and vice versa. Because anyone that’s put time in the field knows how crazy things can get, and just when everything is going perfect it can blow up in your face. It’s funny to read someone else’s experience and Neil puts a good twist on his experience. You’ll actually get to a point in the book where Neil gets good at pick up, and he has to deal with a huge hurdle to get a girl that he actually wants but can’t seem to get.

There are a few celebrities to appear in the book like Andy Dick and Tom Cruise. There’s even a part in the book where Tom Cruise wants an interview with Neil Strauss after reading his articles about “pick up artists”. Tom Cruise trys to warn Neil about how he trys to make the seduction community better than it really is, since Tom played ‘Frank T.J. Mackey’ in the famous movie Magnolia. But, Neil shows Tom Cruise that his personality is far from that of the dating experts he’s been following. This is definitely the most entertaining and thought provoking book I have ever read. It’s a must buy for any guy looking to seduce attractive women!

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